KMP Essential Guide

Ch 1: Introduction
Author: Kevin Galligan
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Welcome to episode 7 of A Touch of Multiplatform (ATOM)! This is our podcast dedicated to Kotlin Multiplatform technology in production and produced for you by JetBrains and Touchlab. 

In this episode of A Touch of Multiplatform, class is in session with Philipp Lackner! He shares his opinions around current education for engineers and developers, as well as how he came around on Kotlin Multiplatform. 

Meet our amazing hosts and guests

Hosts Pamela Hill and Justin Mancinelli, and our fantastic guest, Philipp Lackner.

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Time Stamps

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 2:56 Productivity tips
  • 5:04 Frustrations with university education
  • 10:19 Tips for high school students
  • 12:20 The promise of Kotlin Multiplatform
  • 14:50 Most frequent questions of KMP course
  • 17:41 Learning by building
  • 19:30 Choosing native vs cross-platform
  • 22:25 Working as a freelancer
  • 23:10 Hot take: does Kotlin Multiplaform create business value?
  • 26:21 Thoughts on Compose Multiplatform
  • 28:00 Philipp’s programming languages history
  • 28:43 What makes Kotlin feel good?
  • 30:09 Wishlist of Kotlin features
  • 31:32 3rd party libs shoutouts
  • 32:57 Testing on Kotlin Multiplatform
  • 34:31 Stabilizing Kotlin Multiplatform
  • 36:07 Closing