JetBrains writes, “This past November, we conducted our first-ever Kotlin Multiplatform survey with the goal of understanding how the recent changes in the technology have shaped the ways developers use it. This initiative was well received by the community, resulting in an astonishing 1163 replies and 614 fully filled-out surveys, which are the basis for this report. We want to say thank you to everyone who took the time to share their feedback with us. As a result of this survey, we were able to get a much more complete understanding of our users, how the technology is generally used, and what problems need to be solved to help those using Kotlin Multiplatform for work, personal, or university projects and those who are thinking about adopting Kotlin Multiplatform.”

In this episode of #TLTouchPoints Justin summarizes the key insights from the results and implications for management considering KMP.

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