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Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM) Talks at Kotlin 1.4 Release Event

Kotlin 1.4 released with a focus on quality and performance. We list the KMM talks we'll be attending at the JetBrains Kotlin 1.4 release event.

Kotlin 1.4 released with a focus on quality and performance. In support of the release, the Kotlin team at JetBrains is producing a Kotlin 1.4 online event. They describe it as follows,

We want to make sure that you have a great experience using Kotlin 1.4, and we want you to have a good idea of where we are taking the language next. This is why we are happy to invite all of you to our Kotlin 1.4 Online Event!

It consists of four days packed with knowledge about Kotlin and the future of the language and its ecosystem: We’ll discuss the new changes and improvements we made with Kotlin 1.4, and we’ll share our future plans for the language. Our Kotlin team members will answer your questions in daily Q&A sessions. Submit your questions in advance by tweeting them with the #kotlin14ask hashtag, or using this form.

The Kotlin 1.4 Online Event will be streamed on October 12–15, and you can register for free here.

In 2020, we partnered with JetBrains to increase adoption of Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM).

KMM entered Alpha with the release of Kotlin 1.4.

Touchlab Recaps

The following are KMM talks from the JetBrains team we’ll be watching. At the end of each conference day, we’ll be producing a recap video with our impressions of the day’s announcement and what they mean for engineering managers interested in adopting KMM for their engineering teams.

Day 1

“Opening keynote” by the Kotlin teamWe expect the team to talk through updates to the community and ecosystem. Considering that in the last 12 months, 5.8 million people have edited Kotlin code (and growing), the JetBrains team will have plenty to talk about. As an active member of the KMM community, we’re excited for JetBrains’ kickoff to an action packed week.

“Contributing to Kotlin” by Egor Tolstoy, Product Manager in Kotlin
Egos is our friend at Touchlab and we’re VERY excited for this presentation. At JetBrains, he ensures developers and teams enjoy building with Kotlin on all supported platforms. Our two most direct experiences contributing to Kotlin include our KMM starter project, KaMP Kit, which benefitted from community contributions. We have also contributed to the Kotlin core code, which we’re excited is covered during Egor’s talk.

Day 2

Day 2 features a full day of talks on Kotlin libraries, which our team cares about since we’re active in library ecosystem. Two talks in particular on Day 2 caught our eye:

  • Coroutines Update” by Vsevolod Tolstopyatov, Team Lead in Kotlin Libraries

  • Introducing kotlinx-datetime” by Ilya Gorbunov, Software Developer in Kotlin Libraries

Day 3

“It’s time for Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile” by **Ekaterina Petrova, Developer Advocate in Kotlin
**Ekaterina is another friend of Touchlab. Since joining the KMM team, we’ve enjoyed working and learning from her. She is a key figure in KMM entering alpha and we’re excited for her presentation to convince more teams that KMM is production-grade. We expect a key theme of her presentation to be why KMM is unique in a crowded marketplace of cross-platform mobile development options. This is a must-see talk if you’re considering or working with KMM!

“Diving into Kotlin Multiplatform” by Dmitry Savvinov, Team Lead in Kotlin Multiplatform MobileThis talk will go into detail on the enhancements to Kotlin Multiplatform (KMP) from the 1.4 release. In our preview of this presentation we saw coverage on multiplatform publishing, dependencies management and native dependencies. If you’ve heard about KMP and want to better understand how the 1.4 enhances how Kotlin delivers on multiple platforms, this talk will be a must attend.

Day 4

Ktor Ktor: Past, Present, and Future by **Hadi Hariri, Developer Advocate in Kotlin
**Hadi’s talk on Ktor will probably be mostly server-focused but there could be some info about mobile, including discussion on multithreaded coroutines in the native client. 

All Days

Each day will feature a Q&A session. If you have questions you’d like the JetBrains team to answer, you can submit your questions in advance by tweeting them with the #kotlin14ask hashtag, or using this form.