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Share the Code, Not the Pain

Faster Build Times, Improved iOS Devex, Scalable Team Workflows

Kotlin Multiplatform is stable but still new. Touchlab is your shortcut to maximum KMP efficiency.

Touchlab has been putting KMP in production for years. If there's a best practice, published or un-published, we know it. Properly applied, KMP massively increases your team’s productivity. Slow builds, poor developer experience, or inefficient development workflows can chip away at your ROI, not to mention developer patience.

Time spent figuring it out is budget and developer patience wasted. Talk to us today.

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Gradle KMP Build Times

Build setup is the first real obstacle on the road to KMP. Don't let it be the last as well.

  • Optimize iOS/Android build speed
  • Improve IDE sync times
  • Scalable and maintainable build configuration

iOS Dev Experience

We ensure iOS developers are first-class citizens with KMP.

  • Optimal IDE experience for iOS builds
  • Swift->Kotlin interop tools and best practice
  • Native code/library integration with KMP

Team Collaboration

Optimizing team development workflows is critical to adopting and scaling KMP.

  • Git repo and code-sharing workflow optimization
  • Tooling, CI configuration, and best-practice
  • Analysis of team structure, training needs, and onboarding process