I don’t know if this is the first Kotlin Multiplatform app in the iOS store, but it’s our first Kotlin Multiplatform app in the iOS store!

Technically we updated the existing Droidcon NYC/SF app, so the approval process was easier than a new app would be, but approved it was!

To read more about the app check out the other blog post

I most recently gave a talk about this on Thursday (8/15/2018) at Android Summit. I did my first experiment with recording my own talk, which went OK I think…

I’ll be doing a few more talks through the remainder of 2018. I’m most excited about KotlinConf, but will be doing a few other events as well.

Future Plans

We still need to release the Android app. Sometime in the next couple days.

The underlying libraries are being updated to Kotlin 1.3 eap as well as the latest Kotlin/Native builds. That should also be early this week.

That will probably be it till after Droidcon NYC. Speaking of, today is the last day for standard price tickets (use code ‘kotlinmp’ for a discount)!

App Size

Just a quick note about app size. We’ll write more about this later, but the summary is Kotlin/Native does really well with regards to download and install size vs other frameworks. The download size is under 10m. Our last version with J2objc was just under 30m. It had more images in it, but still. By comparison, we did the flutter sample a few months back, which came out to 20m. React Native kind of beat everybody, but anyway. Will need to make some bare-bones apps and do some comparisons.

Reach Out

As always, Touchlab is looking for orgs that want to get started with this tech. Reach out.