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Kotlin Multiplatform Library

Introduction to Kotlin Multiplatform explains how KMP is pragmatic programming to develop apps on multiple platforms & avoid writing code twice.

The following blog post is an overview on Kotlin Multiplatform libraries by the KMP experts, Touchlab. You’ll find a. list of recommended libraries we use today for Kotlin Multiplatform development (including some of our own) b. video recording of Kevin presenting at Øredev 2019 on library development for Kotlin Multiplatform and c. slides from that presentation.

What Kotlin Multiplatform libraries is Touchlab using today? 

Touchlab’s libraries

  • Stately: Stately is a state utility library to facilitate state management in Kotlin Multiplatform.
  • SQLiter: Sqlite driver for Kotlin Native
  • xcode-kotlin: Xcode plugin for Kotlin debugging and source formatting

Jetbrains’ libraries

Community Libraries We Use

  • Multiplatform Settings: A Kotlin Multiplatform library for saving simple key-value data
  • SqlDelight: Multiplatform SQLite model facilitation library.
  • Koin: Service Locator/DI. Multiplatform in progress.

Libraries We Find Interesting

Sample Apps

Check out the video:

Kevin Galligan — Kotlin Multiplatform Library Development | Øredev 2019 from Øredev Conference

Useful introduction to Kotlin Multiplatform resources

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