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Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Integration & Implementation at Volley | #TouchlabShare

In this episode of #TouchlabShare we speak to Aaron Sarazan and Josh Shin about implementing and integrating KMM at Volley, voice-controlled entertainment company.

In this episode of #TouchlabShare we speak to Aaron Sarazan (VP Engineering for Media, Infrastructure & Mobile) and Josh Shin (Mobile Engineering Lead) about implementing and integrating KMM.


0:35 Introductions

2:48 Roles & responsibilities + a day in the life

4:48 What’s the experience like working on both platforms at once?

6:23 Do you have a favorite platform?

8:14 What’s the use case for KMM in Volley’s products?

9:35 What is the technical makeup of KMM implementation?

11:30 Is networking shared throughout the app or just a particular?

12:15 What are your thoughts on Ktor?

14:08 What were the more complex parts of working with KMM?

15:59 Any areas of KMM that worked surprisingly well?

17:32 Any issues you can into with the threading model?

24:12 Why KMM over other solutions?

28:31 What was the process to take KMM from idea to implementation?

30:43 Did you use any Touchlab KMM resources?

31:44 What’s the future of KMM at Volley?