In this episode of #TouchlabShare, we invited members of the community to discuss how they took their interest in Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile to new heights and lessons learned along the way. Up first was Touchlab engineer Russell Wolf (recorded Monday May 4th, 1 PM EST). We asked questions about his Kotlin Multiplatform open-source library, Multiplatform Settings. He discussed the impact the library has had on his career, how he incorporates feedback from consumers to guide the project’s roadmap and code and API design decisions he’s made along the way. Russell is a multiplatform engineer at Touchlab. The story of how he decided to develop an open-source project for Kotlin Multiplatform is a great one! It started with a call to action by Kevin (Touchlab Partner) in which he said the KMM community needed developers to build libraries. Russell took Kevin up on his challenge and the library, Multiplatform Settings was born.