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Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Standardizes Cox Automotive Mobile App Analytics

We're joined by Robert Szabo and Turker Nessa Kucuk from Cox Automotive to discuss Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile for analytics.

In this episode of #TouchlabShare, we’re joined by Robert Szabo (Engineering Manager) and Turker Nessa Kucuk (Team Lead) from Cox Automotive. We discuss how they use Kotlin Multiplatform Analytics to standardize analytics and much more.


0:34 Robert and Turker’s role at Cox Automotive

1:10 How does the Provision app fit into the larger business?

1:44 How did you hear about KMM? What was your experience like?

2:50 What pain points led you to evaluate KMM for analytics?

5:13 What was your experience like putting KMM into production?

6:40 How would you describe the strategic priorities of the Cox Automotive engineering organization?

9:25 What were you trying to accomplish with KMM and CI/CD?

12:26 Are there any upcoming areas of exploration on CI/CD?