Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Standardizes Cox Automotive Mobile App Analytics

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Posted by Touchlab
We're joined by Robert Szabo and Turker Nessa Kucuk from Cox Automotive to discuss Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile for analytics.

In this episode of #TouchlabShare, we’re joined by Robert Szabo (Engineering Manager) and Turker Nessa Kucuk (Team Lead) from Cox Automotive. We discuss how they use Kotlin Multiplatform Analytics to standardize analytics and much more.


0:34 Robert and Turker’s role at Cox Automotive

1:10 How does the Provision app fit into the larger business?

1:44 How did you hear about KMM? What was your experience like?

2:50 What pain points led you to evaluate KMM for analytics?

5:13 What was your experience like putting KMM into production?

6:40 How would you describe the strategic priorities of the Cox Automotive engineering organization?

9:25 What were you trying to accomplish with KMM and CI/CD?

12:26 Are there any upcoming areas of exploration on CI/CD?