You might not find us at the booth, but keeping up with Touchlab has its benefits...
Swag Drop Schedule

Come on, where’s the swag?

There will be 5 swag drops at the Touchlab booth plus 1 Super Secret Swag Drop Event (SSSDETM), but that one is only for the players.

Get awesome swag and meet different Touchlabbers at each drop. Come grab it before it’s gone!

  1. Thursday 08:30 (Registration + Breakfast)
  2. Thursday 12:00 (Lunch)
  3. Thursday 15:45 (Coffee Break)
  4. Friday 08:00 (Breakfast)
  5. Friday 12:00 (Lunch)

There may also be special swag at the CodeLabs, but you didn’t hear that from me.

Play the game, win prizes

Play the game. Find Touchlabbers, Win Prizes!

We love talking to the KMP community, and we’re all big fans of “hallway-track” conversations. For KotlinConf, we decided to lean into that and make it a game and give our favorite devs a chance to win some prizes.

Wait, there are Prizes?

Yup!! 10 people will win:

  1. Free 12-month subscription to TLPro Essentials - (USD $1,140)
  2. Free KMP office hours meeting our devs (1hr) - (Priceless)

And everybody who plays will get an invite to Friday’s Super Secret Swag Drop Event (SSSDETM). The giveaway here is different from our regular swag, and it’s limited. You’ll have to be there to see what it is.

We made it easy to play, find us and shout us out on social

Very easy. Post any of the following and use both the #WhereIsTouchlab? and #KotlinConf hashtags:

  • Pics/selfies of the TL Booth
  • Selfies with Touchlabbers
  • Pics of your favorite TL KC’24 swag
  • Pics of any TL sticker pasted on your laptop
  • Pics of your favorite TL CodeLab slides
  • Pics of any speaker mention of Touchlab, or one of our OS tools

Only posts on these socials qualify: Linkedin - Mastodon - Instagram - X

When do I win, and other fine print:

Invites to Friday’s SSSDETM will be communicated to all players on Friday (hint: pay attention to your socials and the #touchlab-tools KotlinLang Slack channel)

How and when we’ll pick the winners

On Tuesday, May 28th, we will DM the 10 players with the most points. You get points for each post. You get bonus points for:

  • likes, boosts, and reposts
  • tagging Touchlabbers in the post
  • Including hashtags #KotlinMultiplatform

The Fine Print

  • Respect all conference attendees, including Touchlabbers. And remember to respect privacy and personal space, and get consent before selfie-ing
  • The #WhereIsTouchlab? HT is required in each post to earn points
  • Must follow Touchlab in each social account(s) you post to
  • The window to post closes at Midnight EST on Monday, May 27th
  • Points will be tallied and awarded according to the above guidelines and rules. All decisions made by Touchlab are final
CodeLabs - Room 7

Come to our CodeLabs

We’re sharing our latest thinking on perfecting KMP for teams in the real world today. If you can’t join us live, we will host encores of each CodeLab this summer.

Mature KMP adoption models for native mobile teams Thursday 13:00 & Friday 16:15

Close the Platform Gap With the “Bad Swift Simulation” Thursday 15:15

Multiplatform Compose + SwiftUI = The Native App Future Friday 14:00

Don’t forget to post pictures for prizes!

50% off Touchlab Pro

50% off Touchlab Pro Essentials

TL Pro Essentials includes access to self-study material developed by KMP experts

  • Mobile Primers that will meet you where you are on your KMP learning journey
  • Self Study Courses on KMP Fundamentals, Project Design, and Advanced SKIE Usage
  • A curated Knowledge Bank of Best Practices
  • A 30-minute video call introducing the content and answering any questions