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Q&A with Jeff and Kevin

Find out Jeff's and Kevin's thought on Touchlabs elavator pitch, how Touchlab stand out from the rest and much more in this Q&A session.

What’s the elevator pitch on Touchlab?

Touchlab is an enterprise-grade innovation advisory firm helping application development leaders identify and eliminate inefficiency to free-up resources for reinvestment into innovation sprints.

What’s the difference between Touchlab and bigger enterprise mobile development firms like Accenture, IBM? 

IBM and Accenture aren’t known for building successful startup products. They specialize in selling big contracts to big companies. The output? Big applications we’ve all seen before. Not true mobile innovation. Furthermore, they don’t specialize in code-sharing, which is the only true path to accelerating mobile innovation. Touchlab has built disruptive products for enterprises and startups and is a pioneer in code-sharing for enterprise environments.

Our expertise in code-sharing and our D.R.Y. philosophy is a strategic advantage.

How are code-sharing and cross-platform development different?

Cross Platform is a “Capital B BIG Decision.” You have to live with that decision and it’s not an easy separation. Code-Sharing is lower risk because you can start small and there is no lock-in.

One day, will every enterprise mobile development team be using code-sharing?

Yes! Backend architecture and logic doesn’t need to be developed natively. We believe the trend towards enterprise code-sharing will start there and spread to other areas with potential for standardization.