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Touchlab Pro KMP Support

Everything in one place

All the support your team needs to be effective and efficient with KMP, available at their fingertips, when they need it. And all from the actual experts.

Self Study Guides

Get everyone up to speed quickly and efficiently with the critical information required to understand best how to craft KMP code and APIs. Learn More

Production Best Practices

Streamline your team's decision-making process and make informed decisions about architecture with the pre-assembled, ever-expanding repository of insights designed to address the most common scenarios. Learn More

Direct Support Options

Architected to provide continuous, high-touch direct support to your team, crucial to set direction, clear blockers, and instill confidence throughout their KMP journey. Learn More

Touchlab Pro Support Tiers

Get the Touchlab Pro experience that fits your team's needs

Access Self-Study Courses and our curated Knowledge Bank of Best Practices

Available to all subscriber levels, these self-study courses and best practices bank help both experienced teams and teams new to KMP fill any gaps in their knowledge quickly and efficiently.

Mobile Primers

As your team shares more coding and logic, it becomes critical for Android-centric devs to understand at least some iOS, and the same is true for your iOS developers and Android.

KMP Fundamentals & Project Design

Establish a consistent foundation for both new hires and team members who are using Kotlin Multiplatform for the first time, and ensure your technical leaders can make informed decisions about architecture.

Best Practices

Streamline your decision-making process with a pre-assembled and ever-increasing repository of insights designed to address the most common scenarios.

Get the support you need to confidently scale KMP

We’ll meet you at the level of support that works best for you, leveraging our expertise to enhance your team’s efficiency. We offer both asynchronous and live options for communicating with our team of KMP experts

Support Portal

Access your private forum for asynchronous discussions with Touchlab’s KMP experts.

Priority Open Source Support

Receive priority support for Touchlab’s open source KMP libraries (such as SKIE, KMMBridge, CrashKiOS, Kermit, and Xcode-Kotlin).

Live Conversations

Have in-depth and live conversations with Touchlab’s experts, on topics you pick- whether it’s a roadmapping question or a Q&A.