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Touchlab: OSS library updates

Glance at latest updates to various open source libraries published by Touchlab
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Open source software is at the heart of Touchlab. We strive to strike balance between client work and open source work. Lately we have been silently updating various library that we publish. This post give a very quick summary of all the changes.


Version 1.3.1 is out now which fixes a critical issue around Xcode 15.3


  • It now uses coil-multiplatform to load remote images. Checkout this PR
  • We’re preparing to utilize compose multiplatform resource sharing that supports multi module for loading local images. We’re waiting for next release of compose-multiplatform that would include this code change


Version 0.6.2 came out 2 weeks ago which includes support for Kotlin 1.9.23


Version 2.0.3 fixes a regression issue around incorrect dependency for JVM target.

Stately, CrashKiOS, KMMBridge

Latest version of these libraries builds with newer version of Kotlin. We also cleaned up Gradle source set set-up code by utilizing new default hierarchy template.

Speaking of hierarchy template, we recently wrote about Streamlining Source Sets in Multiplatform Project