Over the next few months we’re rolling out a program that we’re really excited about. Select clients will be able to embed a developer with our team for the duration of their app build (and maybe beyond). They will work side by side with our team, learn, train and share knowledge with us. The client not only gets a great app, they also get a top-tier internal Android developer who’s had chance to level up their skills.

Our first group consist of developers from two of our awesome clients: TheLadders and Cover. In fact (as you might have guessed from the title), our friends at Cover are using this as a really clever recruiting tool; so if you’re a kick-ass Android developer and you want to work for a great startup (and collaborate with us), check out the post and get in touch with them right away.


Our Embedded with Touch Lab program is not yet officially launched, but we will respond to all of you who’ve been emailing about it. Feel free to continue emailing us about it, just please understand that it may be a couple of months before we can offer a spot for your developer to apply for.