At Touch Lab, our days are consumed with Android- integrating material design into our work, debugging hardware issues, or figuring out the best flow for clients who already have iOS apps. Every week is pretty much insane, so we’re thankful to be at AlleyNYC, one of the largest coworking communities in Manhattan. Here, we never have to worry about office problems, whether it’s leaky toilets or taking out the trash. We also get to join AlleyNYC’s weekly happy hour showcases. We got to present earlier this month, alongside Kisi, Venmo and Conscious Step. It was such a great turnout!

Photos courtesy of AlleyNYC. Photos courtesy of AlleyNYC.

Touch Lab founder/president, Kevin Galligan, gave a quick five-minute talk about how Touch Lab was founded, peppered with a few jokes and classic Kevin remarks. Our team had a great time at the showcase. Hopefully you’ll join us at the next one —  come say hi!