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ATOM (A Touch of Multiplatform) Episode #5

Get a sneak peek at some of the workshops planned for KotlinConf '23 with this episode of ATOM (A Touch of Multiplatform).

Welcome to episode 5 of A Touch of Multiplatform (ATOM)! This is our podcast dedicated to Kotlin Multiplatform technology in production and produced for you by JetBrains and Touchlab. In this special double feature episode, we sit down to talk with Touchlab’s Kevin Galligan, Tadeas Kriz, and Russell Wolf to discuss their upcoming workshop on putting Kotlin Multiplatform into production at KotlinConf ‘23. We follow it up with a conversation with Garth Gilmour of JetBrains on his KotlinConf workshop: Multiplatform Madness with Compose.

Meet our amazing hosts and guests

Hosts Pamela Hill and Justin Mancinelli, and our fantastic guests: Kevin Galligan, Tadeas Kriz, and Russell Wolf from Touchlab, and Garth Gilmour at JetBrains

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Time Stamps

ATOM EP 5 00:00

Adulting Skills: 00:00:40

Intros w Kevin, Russell, Tadeas: 00:01:19

Working Style/what makes day better: 00:02:08

What to expect w workshop: 00:03:57

Most exciting thing to teach: 00:06:52

What is SKIE: 00:08:01

Smoothness for iOS developers: 00:09:00

Biggest challenge for ppl starting w Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile: 00:10:00

Is Kotlin Multiplatform ready for production?: 00:12:59

Challenges from when starting to learn Kotlin Multiplatform to challenges today: 00:14:02

Recommended Resources: 00:15:48

Big dream for attendees of workshop: 00:17:02

Garth Gilmour intro 00:20:42

Icebreaker: 00:21:41

What can people expect from workshop: 00:25:41

What are you most excited about teaching?: 00:26:54

Compose as a Flutter competitor?; 00:27:32

Biggest challenge for ppl learning compose for multiplatform: 00:28:16

Compose by any other name: 00:30:51

Biggest ambition for workshop attendees: 00:32:01

How did you feel about Compose when you first heard about it? 00:32:36

Talking about DSLs: 00:34:07

Difference between Compose UI and Compose Runtime: 00:38:06

Rendering to DOM vs Canvas on Web: 40:23

Outro: 41:56

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