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Touchlab joins the Kotlin Foundation!

Touchlab is celebrating today’s announcement at KotlinConf 2023 that it has joined the Kotlin Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and promoting the Kotlin programming language. We are one of the first members outside of Google and JetBrains, and are joined by Gradle Inc. and Shopify.

As early members of the community, we have been providing the tools and technology that organizations need to get KMP into production since 2018. Our team has published open source contributions such as:

  • KaMPKit – a default starter project for individual developers just getting started with Kotlin Multiplatform, with 1.8k stars on GitHub.
  • Xcode-Kotlin Plugin – a tool that allows iOS developers to debug Kotlin code that is running in an iOS application directly from Xcode.
  • KMMBridge – a tool to allow teams to publish and integrate Kotlin Multiplatform Xcode frameworks as an internal SDK.
  • Kermit – a shared-code logging application that is integrated with popular crash reporting libraries.

Additionally, Touchlab has directly contributed to the Kotlin language and ecosystem. Our developers have contributed numerous bug reports and bug fixes to the language and have contributed a major language feature: the output of generics in Kotlin/Native Objective-C. We’ve actively supported the growth of Kotlin Multiplatform in community channels, conference talks, and meetups.

As Kotlin Multiplatform solution providers, we have also consulted many organizations adopting the technology. Now as Silver Members of the Kotlin Foundation the team will continue to support the developers championing the language and help teams add KMP into production. 

One key aspect of that is improving the iOS developer experience. In order to enhance that experience, Touchlab has introduced SKIE, the Swift-Kotlin Interface Extender. SKIE is a Swift-friendly API generator for Kotlin Multiplatform that restores the expressiveness of modern languages. It makes KMP frameworks feel like native Swift for iOS developers. 

“Today’s Kotlin story across server, mobile, and web, is singularly powerful,” said Kevin Galligan, Technical Partner. “Tomorrow’s Kotlin story: with Web Assembly, portable UI’s, a vibrant ecosystem, and much more, is not just great for the platform. Kotlin will help shape the future of technology. We at Touchlab are extremely proud and excited to help define that future.”

“Deepening our commitment to the Kotlin ecosystem helps us continue to provide the tools and technology organizations need to efficiently and successfully adopt and scale KMP,” added Jeff Namnum, Managing Partner.

To learn more about both the Kotlin Foundation and the other newly added Silver Members, visit the Kotlin Foundation’s announcement here.