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ATOM (A Touch of Multiplatform) Episode #6

Welcome to episode 6 of A Touch of Multiplatform (ATOM)! This is our podcast dedicated to Kotlin Multiplatform technology in production and produced for you by JetBrains and Touchlab.

In this episode of A Touch of Multiplatform, we sat down to talk with Volley’s Josh Shin (along with special guest Suzu the cat). Josh talks about his own path into mobile development and about how Volley has approached adopting and scaling Kotlin Multiplatform, especially from the iOS side of things.

Meet our amazing hosts and guests

Hosts Pamela Hill and Justin Mancinelli, and our fantastic guest, Josh Shin (and Suzu the cat) from Volley.

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Time Stamps

  • ATOM EP 6 0:00
  • Getting started as a Mobile Developer 2:30
  • Introduction to Volley 3:45
  • Mobile’s constraints are an appealing challenge/What drew Josh to Mobile 4:44
  • Volley using Kotlin Multiplatform 5:41
  • KampKit shoutout 6:55
  • Top-down or bottom-up approach to adoption? 9:14
  • iOS-first to Kotlin Multiplatform 12:53
  • Using Martok 13:50
  • What worked/didn’t work for the Volley team 17:24
  • “Hacking” Their Aha! Moment 20:17
  • Onboarding iOS developers 21:15
  • MVI with Kotlin Multiplatform 24:43
  • Modularizing a Kotlin Multiplatform app 29:23
  • Mobile Native Foundation / Kotlinlang Slack 31:30
  • Kotlin Multiplatform-only conference topics 32:47

Resources mentioned in this video:

Kotlinlang slack

Mobile Native Foundation


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