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Content Updates

Touchlab will be publishing content focused on various Kotlin and industry topic. To find out about updates, here are various options

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Social Media

We regularly publish updates to Twitter, Mastodon, and LinkedIn. Follow us on those services to get the latest posts.

Feedback and Support

The Touchlab team regularly interacts on the Kotlin Slack. If you are not in the Kotlin Slack it is highly recommended that you join, as most of the community news and discussion happens there.

We have a channel dedicated to our tools: #touchlab-tools. For KMP, we would also recommend #multiplatform, #ios, and #kotlin-native.

Open Source

For feedback on specific tools and libraries, either visit the Kotlin slack, or please see their respective GitHub repo pages. You can submit issues or kick off discussions.

Touchlab Open Source Index

Generally speaking, for code changes that are more involved than fixes to documentation, etc, please reach out before submitting PRs.