KMMBridgeartifactsArtifactory Artifacts

If you’re using Artifactory to store artifacts, you just have to set up a repo on Artifactory and add your repo url and credentials in the publishing block see this example, as well as configure client read access

NOTE: If you add the Artifactory repo with the artifactory gradle plugin KMMBridge won’t be able to find the repo. For now, you’ll have to also add the repo in the maven publishing block.

When publishing in a CI action, if you’re using CocoaPods you need to add the credentials to ~/.netrc before running publish to validate the podspec. To do this simply use the custom netrc params in our GitHub Workflow.

You’ll also need to add the username and password gradle params through the gradle_params secret in our workflow or

    uses: touchlab/KMMBridgeGithubWorkflow/.github/workflows/faktorybuildbranches.yml@{{WORKFLOW_VERSION_NAME}}
      PODSPEC_SSH_KEY: ${{ secrets.PODSPEC_SSH_KEY }}
      netrcUsername: ${{ secrets.ARTIFACTORY_USERNAME }} 
      netrcPassword: ${{ secrets.ARTIFACTORY_PASSWORD }} 
      gradle_params: -PUSERNAME=${{ secrets.ARTIFACTORY_USERNAME}} -PPASSWORD=${{ secrets.ARTIFACTORY_PASSWORD }}