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SDK Connectivity at Philips with Kotlin Multiplatform | #TouchlabShare

In this episode of #TouchlabShare we were joined by Philips software architect, Jereon Brosens and we discuss SDK connectivity with Kotlin Multiplatform.

In this episode of #TouchlabShare we were joined from the Netherlands by Philips Innovation Services software and connectivity architect, Jereon Brosens. We discussed how Philips uses Kotlin Multiplatform for SDK connectivity. We also explored the gains KMP provides to accelerate software development and foster collaboration between platforms teams. This episode is great to listen to for any managers looking for manager-to-manager input on how production-ready KMP is.


1:35 Any industry-specific technical requirements that made KMM a good option?

4:45 What are the components of your Kotlin Multiplatform SDK?

7:14 What was it like to create a shared API around Bluetooth in the early days of Kotlin Multiplatform?

9:17 The consumers of the multiplatform module of the SDK are Philips developers. What’s been the reception from them?

11:09 How important is consistency between the platforms for this SDK and did KMP help?

13:41 How does the Touchlab team approach SDK development with KMP?

20:07 Did you evaluate other code-sharing solutions besides KMP?

21:22​ What was your C++ exploration like?

27:14 What libraries would you like to see developed?

28:49 How does KMP preserve the native elements of the platforms you’re targeting?

32:32 What’s the value of increasing development speed at Philips?