SKIE Resources

Getting Started Guide

SKIE is easy to install on new projects, but seeing it in action will help understand how it works and how best to use it. We’ve published a demo application that walks through the features of SKIE.

Migration Guide

SKIE was designed to be as source-compatible as possible, but it does change the types and API exposed from Kotlin to Swift. If you have an existing code base, you should understand how to approach adding SKIE in a way that does not disrupt your team.


The main SKIE site includes install instructions and reference documentation.

Premium Support

Touchlab offers professional support for Kotlin Multiplatform. Our expert help and resources will significantly accelerate your adoption of KMP.

Touchlab Pro

Premium support, training, and best practices from the Kotlin Multiplatform experts at Touchlab. This is not restricted to SKIE information, but will prepare teams for efficient development and production-level concerns.

Migration Support

Touchlab offers a full suite of engineering and advisory services. This includes expert full migration and architecture services for general KMP development and SKIE-specific code upgrading.