In this episode of #TouchlabShare we were joined all the way from Japan by Wantedly engineer Malvin Sutanto. We discussed why the mobile team originally explored cross-platform mobile development and why they switched to Kotlin Multiplatform after initial development with React Native. We also covered how Malvin and team made use of Touchlab’s KMM resources, including KaMP Kit (, a collection of code and tools designed to get teams started fast with KMM.


2:07 What is the size and makeup of your mobile team?

6:06 What were the decision factors that made you move over to KMP?

7:39 What were the things that made you decide that KMP was a good path forward?

9:19 How did you convince management to move forward with Kotlin Multiplatform?

10:30 What’s your KMP architecture like?

11:41 What was your experience developing your KMP implementation?

13:21 How did Touchlab’s KaMP Kit help you put KMP into production?

14:24 Would you recommend KaMP Kit by Touchab?

14:44 What lessons did you learn from your Kotlin Multiplatform implementation?

16:27 How have business stakeholders reacted to the acceleration achieved with Kotlin Multiplatform?

17:07 What’s the current state of Kotlin Multiplatform at Wantedly?

18:51 What are your recommendations to teams that are interested in KMP?