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SQLite on Kotlin/Native

Today we’re releasing an early-ish version of Sqlite for K/N. More specifically, its a version of the Android Sqlite stack for K/N, that can be used in multiplatform projects. touchlab/knarch.db knarch.db - K(otlin)N(ative)A(rchitecture) Databasegithub.com   Back...

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The Road to Droidcon NYC 2018

(Crosspost from medium.com/@kpgalligan) It’s a little hard to believe, but this will be year #5 for Droidcon NYC. I’m super biased, but as great as every year has been, the year after seems to be a huge leveling up in terms of event and content quality. That means...

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Mobile Oriented Architecture (MOA)

Hi! I’ve had a bit of radio silence for the past few months, but there’s been quite a bit going on. New website, etc. Expect to see a few progress updates in the near future. Thought we’d start with what’s fresh on the mind. I gave an impromptu overview of this...

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Q&A with Jeff and Kevin

What’s the elevator pitch on Touchlab? Touchlab is an enterprise-grade innovation advisory firm helping application development leaders identify and eliminate inefficiency to free-up resources for reinvestment into innovation sprints. What’s the difference between...

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Doppl Sample Update

(Crosspost from medium.com/@kpgalligan) Missed my daily post yesterday. Whoops. We’re going through and updating Doppl libs and sample apps. J2ojbc updated to 2.0.4, which caused some minor incompatibilities with existing Objective-C code. That required a redeploy of...

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