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Xcode Kotlin CLI

The xcode-kotlin plugin by Touchlab allows debugging of Kotlin code running in an iOS application directly from Xcode.

This enables a smoother development and integration experience for iOS developers using shared code from Kotlin and a more accessible experience for larger teams where everyone may not be editing the shared code directly.

Understanding and Configuring your Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Test Suite

Writing tests is part of every developer’s day-to-day routine. They help you write better and more reliable code. In addition, they can verify that your code does what it was supposed to do, and your changes haven’t introduced bugs. In this article, I’ll show you how to configure the test suite from your KMM project.

Kermit and Crashlytics

Kermit is a Kotlin Multiplatform logging library. The log is configured on each platform to write to various, potentially platform-specific, outputs, but can be called from shared “common” Kotlin code. Crash reporting tools like Crashlytics allow you to get error reports from remote devices running your software.

KMM Memory Model – when to switch?

Touchlab will be defaulting to the “new” memory model for anything that’s in dev and/or not hitting production for a few months. That decision will be reviewed if there’s some wild performance issue or bug, but otherwise, we’re just doing it.

Kermit KMP Logging 1.0

  Today we’re announcing the stable release of our logging library Kermit If you’ve been following me, I’ve given a few talks on Kotlin KMP library development. In my previous talks I gave some suggestions on what kinds of libraries the community needs. I went out of...

Testing the Kotlin/Native Memory Model

  Kotlin/Native’s strict memory model has been a common topic of interest and/or concern in the community for some time. The arrival of the new memory model will remove what many consider an adoption blocker. However, creating and testing a new memory model is a...
SQLCipher and Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile

SQLCipher and Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile

Here’s a quick little followup to Sam’s post: Multiplatform Encryption with SQLDelight and SQLCipher. Recently for a client we needed to implement this with Kotlin 1.4.0, and ran into a couple issues. I’m only going to describe how to get the iOS side working as...

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Kotlin 1.4 Release

Kotlin 1.4 Release

The Kotlin 1.4 release is a major milestone in the evolution of Kotlin as a platform. A lot of this release is behind the scenes. Stabilizing and improving the platform itself, as well as moving forward the common compiler efforts that have been in the works for quite...

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